Shift Dress Ready

This week features a day-to-night-look. A simple outfit of the day that can be carried forth to summer night-time endeavors.

I am wearing a purple v-neck kimono-sleeved shift dress from Asos. This piece is an easy comfortable throw on and constitutes a silhouette that is flattering to many different female forms. I accessorize with a chunky necklace that put together a few years back. I bought the fluffy wool pendant from a jewelry booth during London Fashion Weekend and found beads to pair it with from the Boston bead factory.

Simplicity is the key with this look as the dress color is the main visual stimulant. The remaining accessorizing process is remained at a minimal with white a white leather Messenger from Ted Baker and white wedges from Kurt Geiger.

Mona Hamid

Stilettosandsubstance.comPhotography by Jeffery Thompson

Writing, Styling and Editing by Mona Hamid

Outfit Details:-

Purple Dress: Asos.

Wedge Shoes: Kurt Geiger, available here.

White Messenger Bag: Ted Baker, available here.



Tie Dye Sunsets and Flatforms

This week’s outfit post emits an element of childhood nostalgia as I dress for an American style family-embraced poolside barbeque away from the city. With vast amount of grass field to play in, childhood acrobatic jumping aspirations come to mind.

I am wearing a sunset tie dye top with magenta and blue hues from Ted Baker. The Ted baker spring/summer sale was ideal to stock up on fun tops and blouses that always come in handy for everyday work/fun attire. The prints say it all and make it easy to pair with casual solids. I pair it with white jeans– an item of clothing I have not owned for many years. Finding the right pair of white jeans may be a difficult process especially for us curvy types. The stretch factor and thickness of white jeans is critical. They ought to be thick enough to avoid looking like Jeggings, and they must have a good stretch factor to mold into le body shape. I found my perfect pair also at the Ted Baker summer sale. I pair it with my current favorite cloud pendant by Kirsteen Stewart that complements the sunset shirt dreamily.

Last but not least- Flatforms are created so usefully for the purpose of achieving extra height in combination with the comfort factor. Flatforms are an acquired taste and may take some of us a while to accept their existence to then possible invest in a pair and stare at them aimlessly in our wardrobe during outfit building. But once that day comes when you throw them on without the dilemma, a milestone is overcome and suddenly they are cute and make you happy.

Mona Hamid

stilettosandsubstance.comPhotography by Gloria Bresciani

Styling, Writing and Editing by Mona Hamid

Outfit Details:-

Sunset Tie Dye Top: Ted Baker, available here.

White Pants: Ted Baker, available here.

Flatforms: Parfois.

Cloud Necklace: Kirsteen Stewart, available here.

Mixed Prints and Manbags

I have been on the hunt for the perfect briefcase for a few months now to maneuver around the city with carrying my laptop to do blog work in various inspiring locations. I somehow find myself drawn during my search to the men’s accessories section. The structuring of the breifcases combined with the fine leather composition in the dusky color combinations augment the right amount of edge to my feminine quirky attire.

I missioned across Ted Baker’s Scullery (Men’s floor) on 5th avenue to come across this retro lime green, navy, and brown color-blocked Man Bag. I love the idea of combining prints with contrasting lime of the Man Bag to create an element of visual excitement.

I accessorize with my retro briefcase over a black and white print-on-print laid back outfit combo. Polka dot jeans with a contrasting white top with a triangular print compose my work-mode library attire as I spend my day off by Bryant park blogging. My red reflective Ray-bans add the fierce finishing touch.

Mona H www.stilettosandsubstance.comPhotographs by Sairina Smith.

Writing, Styling and Editing by Mona Hamid.

Outfit Details:-

Man Bag: Ted Baker (Style: Montena).

Polka Dot Jeans: Kate Spade, similar here.

Sunglasses: Ray-bans.


Be Easy Baby

www.stilettosandsubstance.comSummer daytime attire creates a platform of endless combinations of separates to play with and accessories to distinguish by. The humid Manhattan mist alerts a necessity for easy breezy clothing combinations to avoid contributing to the feeling of attire-caused claustrophobia.

Here I am rocking a basic black tank with a drawstring asymmetrical taupe skirt from All Saints. The accessorizing is really with makes this outfit distinctive. I am wearing the Mini Smile mirror necklace by Kirsteen Stewart which instantly makes me happy, and a maw hauk electric blue clutch by Ted Baker to add a pop of color to the neutral tones. I finish off the look with peep-toe suede must-have booties by Steve Madden.

Mona Hamid IMG_1684 edited www.stilettosandsubstance.comPhotography by Sairina Smith

Writing, Styling and Modeling by Mona Hamid

Outfit Details:-

Mini Smile Necklace: Kirsteen Stewart.

Moti Clutch: Ted Baker.

Trivial Peep-Toe Booties: Steve Madden.


Electric Daydream

Spring is the season of daydream, excitement at the increased day’s length and at the sight of pretty blooming trees. The season inspires us to press the restart button on our lives and start on a new page. New floral prints make their way back to our wardrobes as we feel the need to express our new happiness in color.

For this spring season, Ted Baker has a series of vibrant floral prints. Here I am rocking my new neon floral print blazer from the electric daydream collection. This blazer with its neon undertones is a staple piece for spring due to its styling versatility. It can be dressed up when paired with a pencil skirt for an evening dinner/lounge attire or with a pair of skinny trousers for a more relaxed daytime brunch look.

To Avoid detraction from the statement floral blazer I decided to keep my accessorizing to a minimal. I finished off the look with my favorite white booties from Asos and a simple chain bracelet.

-Mona Hamid

www.stilettosandsubstance.comPhotography by Sairina Smith

Styling, Editing and Writing by Mona Hamid

Outfit Details:

Floral Blazer: Ted Baker, available here.

Skinny Jeans: Ted Baker, available here.

White Booties: Asos, similar here.



Yayoi Kusama – I Who Have Arrived in Heaven

www.stilettosandsubstance.comYayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist and writer that has embarked on her journey in the arts in the 1950’s . Kusama ventured the art worlds of both New York and Japan. At the age of 82, she continues to work and produce an expansive amount of visionary artwork.

Kusama exhibits her tantric interest in psychedelic colors, pattern and repetition through her most recent exhibit at the David Zwirner Gallery “ I Who Have Arrived in Heaven”, one of my favorite art exhibits of 2013.This spectacular artist  is known to inspire the works of many famous artists including that of pop art legend  Andy Warhol, and thus giving birth to the genre of pop art.

The “Infinity Room” is composed of a mirror lined kaleidoscope room with 75 colored LED bulbs flickering in different wavelengths. I spent 2  agonizing hours in a line in the pouring rain just to experience the magical room for a mere 45 seconds. However, the wait proved to be worth every second as I was allured with  the fantasy-like room, and was completely mesmerized with the art. The room appeared to provide its visitors with an out of body experience, as you  would just want to sit there in silence and let your mind get inspired. The “Infinity Room” proved to simultaneously have a very calming effect, stimulating your every sense.

Yayoi Kusama is famous for her brightly colored polka dots, a concept she came up with during the 1960’s.

www.stilettosandsubstance.comA lot of her work is composed of her own hallucinatory fascinations that she has experienced since childhood. This includes the spots and the tentacle forms and the phalluses in her work.  Yayoi Kusama admitted herself into a permanent psychiatric facility since 1973 and owns a studio close by the facility where she goes to create her art but self willingly wants to remain at the institution. It is amazing what the unsettled hallucinated mind can come up with and it is very fascinating to see the outcome of the extension of a mental disorder into the inspiring and stimulating bodies of artwork.

www.stilettosandsubstance.comIn honor of Yayoi Kasuma’s love for psychedelic colors and color combination I am wearing a colorful floral sweater from Ted Baker’s Spring 2014 collection and pleated leather skirt from Urban Outfitters. I am intrigued by how the display of the florals on the sleeves of the sweater give it an illusion of a tattooed arm sleeve.

Yayoi Kasuma has had many fashion collaborations, one of the most famous being her collaboration with Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton in 2011. I first got introduced to Yayoi Kusama when watching the Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton documentary in 2007. Marc Jacobs pays a visit to Kusama in her studio in Japan with a line of leather goods, pret-a-porter, shoes and accessories.  The ad campaign for the collaboration can be viewed below.

Photography by Jeffrey Thompson

Writing by Mona Hamid

Shirt Dress Metallic Closure

One of this week’s fashion focuses is the shirt-dress. With such a simple buttoned down silhouette, the classic shirt-dress is easy to throw on and adapts to different body types with a simple belt that cinches it in and brings definition to the waist. The shirtdress is one of my favorite throw on ensembles because it is so easy to wear. It can be worn in an effortless manner with messy folded sleeves at the elbows and unbuttoned open collar or buttoned up with long sleeves for an elegant blouse-like dress look. The length of the shirtdress is key for determining its overall “dressy” factor. As a lover of vintage silhouettes, my all time favorite length is the midi, which makes this Ted Baker shirtdress one of my favorite pieces for this fall season.

This look is styled with a metallic leather square shaped satchel from Be&D’s Spring 2014 collection. Brace yourselves metallic enthusiasts for Be&D’s spring 2014 accessory collection, for they are infused with beautifully carved statement pieces in various metallic shades and characterized with chic heavy duty detailing.  The pop of metallic colour of the bag sets an ideal color-blocked scenario for the abstract leopard print of the dress.

Mona Hamid

Photography by Amanda Schulman

Styling and Modeling by Mona Hamid

Writing by Mona Hamid

Location : Tudor City, Manhattan NY

Outfit Details:-

1. Zebra Stripe Shirt Dress: Ted Baker (style name: Anzia)

2. Metallic Satchel: Be&D