Like 95 in my Denim


To welcome the New Year I have made new outfit building resolutions to take on in 2015. We all have those pieces sitting in our closets for months that we hesitate to include in our impulse throw-on looks. One of my resolutions is to consider an item from my pre existing closet that I have not worn in a while, to my daily outfit-building menu.

Here I am throwing on my vintage oversized denim jacket to an all black ensemble. I purchased this denim jacket from a vintage store in Georgia Atlanta and have not experimented with it before now. Here I am rocking it over a black turtleneck knit top from Ted baker and black leggings- an easy platform.

I embellish with my favorite black patent boots that I bought from the Burberry outlet, a good find Indeed! I decided to add in some accents of blue by sporting a velvet navy turban designed by one of my good friends and blogger Isamarij, along with winter trademark navy leather long gloves.

-Mona Hamid

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For this post, I was inspired by an effortless easy breezy playtime attire enabling me to accomplish freestyle happy dancing moves in the streets of Soho. I am rocking a loosely fitted button-up white shirt accompanied by silky black harem pants. The simplicity of this outfit brings us back to the basics of sporting an effortless, chic daytime look.

My new Asos cut-out party booties make the dancing commence with ease due to their perfect height of 2.5 inches. Your new moves may surprise you. You know. You may have been a sea lion in a previous lifetime.

To add some hues of color to the look, I am layering with an olive green leather jacket and my trademark purple fur muffler, and a heavy duty screw cuff bracelet from Miansai.

Mona Hamid


Photography by Sarah Jean Fatheree

Outfit Details:

Cut-out Booties: Asos.

Silk Harem Pants: J Brand

White Shirt: Zara

Leather Jacket: Zara

Fur Muffle: Bloomingdales.

Bracelet: Miansai

Mixed Prints and Manbags

I have been on the hunt for the perfect briefcase for a few months now to maneuver around the city with carrying my laptop to do blog work in various inspiring locations. I somehow find myself drawn during my search to the men’s accessories section. The structuring of the breifcases combined with the fine leather composition in the dusky color combinations augment the right amount of edge to my feminine quirky attire.

I missioned across Ted Baker’s Scullery (Men’s floor) on 5th avenue to come across this retro lime green, navy, and brown color-blocked Man Bag. I love the idea of combining prints with contrasting lime of the Man Bag to create an element of visual excitement.

I accessorize with my retro briefcase over a black and white print-on-print laid back outfit combo. Polka dot jeans with a contrasting white top with a triangular print compose my work-mode library attire as I spend my day off by Bryant park blogging. My red reflective Ray-bans add the fierce finishing touch.

Mona H www.stilettosandsubstance.comPhotographs by Sairina Smith.

Writing, Styling and Editing by Mona Hamid.

Outfit Details:-

Man Bag: Ted Baker (Style: Montena).

Polka Dot Jeans: Kate Spade, similar here.

Sunglasses: Ray-bans.


A Journey to the South East

On a recent trip to Singapore to attend a friend’s wedding I was immersed into a new world, full of cultural, bursting with colors, beautiful costumes, vibrant music and flavorful food.  Indian Punjabi culture is known for its strong ties to their cultural traditions and in carrying them on through past generations to our present time. In this occasion I had the pleasure of witnessing first hand a Punjabi Sikh wedding and all the ceremonies that take place to complete the binding agreement.

My attire to the wedding consisted of a cream rhinestone studded chiffon sari with a golden silk border. The sari consists of many yards of fabric that are wrapped numerously around the waist and pleated to allow leg movement then placed over the shoulders. In this occasion the last yard of chiffon was place on the shoulder and over my head as the ceremony took place in the Sikh temple where modesty is valued so heads are covered and shoes are taken off prior entering.

Below we have two young ladies dressed in the cultural Punjabi suits in vibrant eye-catching orange and lime silks. Typically a Punjabi suit consists of a “Shalwar” or a loose-fitted trouser that’s tight on the ankles and a “Kameez” or a long Tunic with the side seams open below the waist to allow movement and accompanied with a scarf.

This photo is of the bride sitting in front of a plate filled with milk and rose petals where a “Choora” ceremony is taking place prior to the wedding ceremony. A Choora is a set of wedding bangles usually red and white in color that are worn by the bride on her wedding day and are given to her by her uncles and aunts.  The ceremony consists of the Chooras being dipped in the plate of milk and rose petals as a blessing before the bride puts them on.  Traditionally the bride is meant to continue wearing the bracelets for 40 days after the wedding.

This is a photo of the groom in the Sikh temple prior entering to attend the ceremony. In Sikh Wedding traditions, the groom’s sisters would tie a “Sehra” across the groom’s turban to cover his face prior to leaving the house. This is to ward off the evil eye and to also maintain anticipation for the wedding guests to see the groom when he enters the temple.

The grooms wedding attire consists jacket and pant suit, where the jackets are studded with precious embellishment the exude lux and magnanimity on the wedding day.

The bride is dressed in traditional Indian Punjabi wedding attire. This typically consists of a red and gold Punjabi Suit. The top and skirt are couture-esque decorated with heavy embroidery, sequins, beading and trim details. The bride is accessorized generously with gold jewelry including a headpiece, necklace and earrings. She is also wearing the sets of “Chooras” on both arms that are also adorned with henna patterns. All eyes are definitely on the beautiful dazzling bride on her special day.

– Mona Hamid