NYCW 2014: Otgoo Couture
Couture or “high dress-making” refers to the art of constructing elaborate custom fitted clothing with extreme attention to detailing and appliqué. New York Couture Week 2014 took place during the second week of February in the New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan, and brought together a melting pot of different designers from all over the world. As a fashion enthusiast and blogger i had the pleasure of attending the show by a Mongolian Designer Otgonjargal Demberelsuren, where she exhibited her fall 2014 couture collection for her line Otgoo Couture.

The collection consisted of a fusion of eastern and western design elements over a time frame of different fashion eras. Some of the visible design elements include fringing, high necklines, pleating and elaborate beading. The silhouettes of the two dresses below were very nostalgic. They reminded of a 1920’s flapper in the era of the demimonde living a lavish party lifestyle in pursuit of fun! How exciting is it seeing that era before our runways today!

The models were accessorized with elegant headpieces that were embedded with a variety of rhinestones of different colors and designs.

The finale dress was quite the statement piece. The silhouette demonstrated a clear coalition of east and west with the fuchsia silk, high neckline, amplified shoulders, the fitted silhouette subsequently extending into a mermaid shaped layering of tulle.

Post the finale look the Mongolian couturier Otgonjargal comes out into the runway with her two favorite looks of the collection.


There’s an element of escape that comes with viewing couture, taking our minds to new fashion heights. It reminds us of the lack of boundaries when it comes to fashion and its constant evolution taking place in different parts of the world. With that being said, Fashion Week attendees can enjoy the convenient new route of Emirates Airline as they launch their new route to Milan in sync with Milan Fashion Week.

Photography by Mona Hamid & Alexander Parker

Editing and Writing by Mona Hamid

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