Halloween Frame of Mind


Halloween is the prime time to experiment and let all your wardrobe guards down. Although some of us may secretly wish to get away with rocking a soft fluffy onesie for the week of Halloween, a subtle yet darling accessory adds an element of surprise to this Halloween look: Minnie mouse ears.

The French high-street clothing brands Sandro and Maje have definitely exhibited a more contemporary approach to clothing with their unconventional fabrics and silhouettes. For this look, I am rocking a Graphic Printed T from Sandro constructed with a material comparable to scuba driving suit fabric – foamy and impressively unconventional. I paired it with pastel purple Skinny Jeans to brighten the look and patent cutout clear wedge booties. Jeffrey Campbell’s collections of winter booties and shoes are all that Jazz and my fellow blogger buddy Annie Goldman couldn’t agree more!

Minnie mouse ears and a soft rose lip tone from MAC finish off the look.

Mona Hamid

11 wm edited




10 edited

Photography by 1000lotus

Styling and Modeling by Mona Hamid

Writing by Mona Hamid Editing by Reem Buhazza

Location: North End (Little Italy), Boston, MA

Outfit Details:

1. Graphic Print T: Sandro, available here.

2. Pants: Topshop.

3. Patent Clear Wedge Booties:  Jeffrey Campbell, available here.

4. Lipstick: MAC (Amplified).

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