Modern Day Babushkas

In an effort to draw attention to former cultural fashion panaches that have been diluted in our current time, I have created a look based around the Eastern European headscarf, also referred to as ‘babushka’.

I am currently intrigued with the evolution of the headscarf as a focal fashion accessory. Think 1950’s, driving a beetle shaped convertible on the way to a fabulous getaway after a visit to the hairdressers that requires an accessory shield for protection against the roaring winds of the car journey.  This is indeed a calling for a beautiful silk square shaped ensemble to be paired with sunglasses and a pop of rouge. In my case it is calling for my beautiful blue illustrated silk  Moschino Cheap Sheep and Chic scarf.

My look was composed of a sixties Mod-esque Kate Spade Mondrian print dress paired with daisy nude shoes from Asos, cat eye shades, and pop of rouge from Mac. My lovely friend Katie, who has joined me for this duet style post is wearing a floral printed vintage fifties dress with a red and fuchsia hued vintage scarf, and lime suede pumps from Madewell. Katie and I are both accessorizing with handbags from one of our favorite go to retailers for quirky unusual bags: Kate Spade.

Mona Hamid

Photography by 1000lotus

Styling by Mona Hamid and Modeling by Katie Owsley and Mona Hamid

Writing by Mona Hamid

Location: Boston Harbour, MA.

Mona’s Outfit Details:

1. Scarf: Moschino Cheap and Chic

2. Dress: Kate Spade Mondrain Print Dress

3. Daisy Shoes: Asos

4. Polka Dot Bag: Kate Spade

5. Red Lipstick: MAC

Katie’s Outfit Details:

1. Floral Printed Dress: Vintage

2. Fur Bag with Bow Detail: Kate Spade

3. Red Floral Scarf: Vintage

4. Orange Floral Necklace: Kate Spade

5. Lime Suede Pumps: Madewell

6. Pink Lipstick: YSL

p.s: We are obsessed with Kate Spade..obviously.

Old Boston

Morning light and cobblestones are two combinations for a moment of inspiration and at this moment I was inspired by color and color combination- my favorite creative exercise.  This ensemble consisted of a tan, white & black color-blocked silk top from one of my desired English stores Hobbs, and was paired with a box pleated A-line skirt and a netted waistcoat. The skirt was created as part of my fashion collection “La Femme Juvenile”- a collection inspired by childrenswear for adults as indicated by the dotted lace overlaying the soft power blue. The ensemble was accessorized with vintage earrings and a pointed suede shoe from Zara. The early hours of the morning capture the articles in their natural essence with the soft light and the cobblestones bring a sense of nostalgia in one of Boston’s oldest landmarks Faneuil Hall.

Mona Hamid

Photography by 1000Lotus

Styling and Modeling by Mona Hamid

Writing by Mona Hamid

Location Faneuil Hall, Boston, MA

Outfit Details:

1. Top: Hobbs

2. Skirt: Monzlapur (La Femme Juvenile by Mona Hamid)

3. Waist coat: Vintage

4. Suede Point Pumps: Zara

5. Earrings: Vintage

Timeless Elegance


Boston’s Fairmont Copley Plaza set the tone for timeless elegance and opulence in a recent wedding event held in the historic landmark. In return I chose to indulge with my timeless two-toned ruch/striped silk dress- one of my own creations from my first collection of cocktail gowns exhibited in a Fashion TV sponsored event held on February 2009.  The simple silhouette was created by combining silk in two different tones and forms, ruching high neckline, low back line, and a striped fitted pencil skirt-like bottom. The creation exhibited timeless elegance and form, even when worn 4 years later! I accessorized with a strappy striped black & white shoe to play off the stripes on the dress and paired them with my trademark ivory sphere-shaped clutch from Reiss. To finish off the look i decided to do an “up-do” inspired by the hairstyles of the women of Downton Abbey, with the help of a you-tube tutorial.

Mona Hamid






The Bride was dressed in a contemporary couture gown, blush in color, and structured to perfection by non other than the designer himself, Rafael Cennamo. The styling of the brides outfit with the lace stockings was immaculate. They added an element of surprise and gave wedding attire a new outlook!



Photography by Kameron Mand, retouching by Mona Hamid

Styling and Modeling by Mona Hamid

Writing by Mona Hamid, editing by Reem Buhazza

Location: Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston, MA

Outfit Details:

1. Two-Toned Dress: Monzlapurr by Mona Hamid

2. Shoes: Zara

3. Clutch: Reiss

To view footage from my first fashion collection of cocktail dresses shown in the Mayfair Hotel in  London from February 2009 check the link below!