Urban Jungle


Summertime in the city calls for easy dressing – light fabrics, a loose fit, and a kaleidoscope of colours form the perfect style trifecta in the warmer months. Throwing an on-trend jungle print into the mix doesn’t hurt either! This casual-luxe ensemble shows how you can effortlessly inject some opulence into your summer daywear.

The oversized vintage silk shirt is the undeniable focal point of this look. Its intricate jungle print, baroque gold detailing, and rich colours catch the eye and transform the shirt from a simple wardrobe basic into an eye-catching statement piece. Instant modifications like buttoning up the shirt, tucking it in to the shorts, and rolling up the sleeves give this oversized piece some much needed shape and structure.

The loose fitting silk safari-esque drawstring shorts with gold accents are the perfect neutral compliment to the vibrant shirt. A velvet navy blue turban and burgundy loafer slippers continue the regal vibe of this look, and a dash of gold accessories finish things off nicely.

Reem Buhazza





Photography by Frances Ramirez Editing by Mona Hamid

Styling and Modelling by Mona Hamid

Writing by Reem Buhazza

Location: Central Square, Cambridge, MA

Outfit Details:

  1. Silk Parrot Print Shirt: Vintage
  2. Silk Shorts: H&M Conscious Collection
  3. Loafers: Topshop
  4. Turban: Isamarij www.everythingundertheshade.tumblr.com




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