On-The-Go Post: Encore Vintage Store, Portland Maine.


On a recent day trip to Portland, Maine, I decided to visit one of my favorite vintage stores Encore Vintage and introduce it to the Stilettos and Substance readers! In an effort to look for a unique cocktail dress that I can wear to one of the many weddings that are coming up this summer, taking the vintage route for my dress search is much more unpredictable and exciting!

Encore Vintage store encompasses many great vintage pieces ranging from timeless beautiful hats and headpieces to clutches all the way back from the 1920s!

www.stilettosandsubstance.com www.stilettosandsubstance.com

www.stilettosandsubstance.comDue to my passion for style and shopping I have the patience to rummage through every rack and I am never content until I have seen everything there is there to see. Then comes the 2nd phase: playing dress-up!www.stilettosandsubstance.com

This piece was one of my favorites! 70’s Scarface-esque Ivory Knit. It emits so much grace and elegance through the simplicity of it.

www.stilettosandsubstance.com www.stilettosandsubstance.com

This pleated piece of nostalgia made me twirl a few times.www.stilettosandsubstance.comwww.stilettosandsubstance.com www.stilettosandsubstance.com www.stilettosandsubstance.com

Hello 80’s! Yes the fashions from the 80’s usually are perceived as a fashion taboo however one has to appreciate how “extra” many of the outfits were during that time! The super bright colors, the over-the-top shoulder padded mayhem, and the frou frous… Gotta love it!

www.stilettosandsubstance.comwww.stilettosandsubstance.com www.stilettosandsubstance.com

A bag from the roaring 20’s! Now isn’t that something! www.stilettosandsubstance.com

One of my favorite parts of vintage shopping are the jewels! I could spend hours rummaging through and finding unique pieces to add my closet.


Here’s a last photo to conclude my first “On-The-Go” post about my day trip to Encore Vintage in Portland Maine. P.S: one must conclude this journey by stopping for some fresh seafood and lobsters at Gilbert’s Chowder House..YUM.


Photographs by Mona Hamid & Nelly Karim

Writing by Mona Hamid

Editing by Reem Buhazza

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